Satellite Education

Edutel conducts satellite aided educational programs for supplementing classroom instruction. We help learners in remote areas overcome distance and inflated coaching fees.

LIVE Multi-way Interactive

Student engagement and motivation is high when classes are interactive. Through our Hybrid Satellite Internet technology we create interactive classrooms where students not only get to watch and listen to their mentors but also clarify questions in the real time.

Multimedia Content

Concept building classes with rich multimedia empowers students’ with diverse learning styles. Our EContent development process aims to prepare students to the competitive world where ‘analytical skills’ and ‘thinking out of the box’ are the keys to success.

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Managing Director

HARSHA K MAHABALA, Founder & Managing Director

An alumnus of IIM-Bangalore and MSRIT Bangalore, Harsha Mahabala started his entrepreneurial journey right in his engineering days with a vision to bridge the gap between urban and rural education. As Edutel’s Director and Chief Executive Officer, he provides technology thought leadership, builds broader business relationships, nurtures partnerships and directs projects.

As an engineering student, Harsha developed a device that made satellite education more affordable and multi-way live & interactive classes a reality. In later years, he has applied for technology patents over devices developed by him & deployed successfully in his company. Harsha has to his credit a National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship and a “Platinum-MSME IT Excellence Award” for these technological innovations in the field of education.

At Gumbi, Harsha has successfully architected and guided the creation of some advanced products and programs. He has a strong focus on developing a robust, integrated relationship among academia, corporate entities and Governments, to equip young learners with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to become change-makers in their communities.

Ardent and charismatic, Harsha identifies with a natural, warm and giving leadership style that is transformational in effect. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to bring together people from varied backgrounds in such a manner that they are mutually complementary and guarantee a strong team that is oriented towards success.

Well-recognised for his thought leadership and executive coaching, Harsha frequently addresses students and entrepreneurial aspirants at seminars held at various professional institutions.


SOORYA K N, Director

An alumnus of SDM College of Engineering, Dharwad, Soorya embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with the clear idea of ‘making things work’ in the area of education, especially for underprivileged students from rural areas.  As Edutel’s Director he plays a major role in keeping the wheels moving, covering a wide range of concerns, from ensuring that the requirements of a remote village school are met, to putting the finishing touches on that pivotal presentation meant for an elite council of ministers in a distant land. He has received the prestigious ‘Subhash Chandra Bose Rashtreeya Yuva-Ratna Prashasti’ jointly with Harsha Mahabala, Managing Director, Edutel Technologies.

Soorya chose the challenging journey of entrepreneurship so he could deploy solutions and services for the education sector. He has spearheaded the exponential growth of Edutel Technologies right from its start in 2010. He has a strong focus on evolving and strengthening strategic partnerships with various agencies in the Government sector, to understand requirements and offer workable solutions.

Being rooted in the present and envisioning the many demands that the future is likely to hold, Soorya proactively adapts Edutel’s delivery model to ensure that the objectives are met in an optimal fashion, armed as he is with a deep understanding of the education sector and a keen business sense.

Soorya’s personal mandate for Edutel is that it evolves into the next generation edu-technology provider focused on empowering rural India and on creating a skilled workforce admired globally. To this end, Soorya takes a dedicated interest at improving and expanding upon infrastructural as well as human resources to ensure long-term sustainability.

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Educational systems respond to the needs of a society which has individuals with varied levels of intelligence and aspiration.

                           We welcome your participation in the change process.

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    Social Edupreneur

    Entrepreneurship Opportunity

    Transform your district. Opportunity for fresh MBA graduates or individuals less than 2 years of work experience.

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    My Pratigna

    University Admission Support Cause

    Coaching  at 10% of the fee. No obstacles can hinder the dreams of the determined.

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    We made low cost quality education possible in thousands of Government and Affordable Private schools.

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    Multiple Intelligence Program

    Extra-curricular learning

    Leveraging distinct learning styles through short term MI programs such as Ancient mathematics, Mental Yoga, Foreign Languages.

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    SATLight Classes

    Science | Commerce

    Low priced interactive concept building & entrance test coaching in CET – engineering/medical, CA – CPT from top faculty of the country.

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  • Author

    The technology deployed is a Hybrid of Satellite & Internet and uses the best features of both, making it an ideal solution that is distinctly superior to alternate technologies. The content is rich in animation; it is very effective and relevant to rural students as teaching will be in local language (Kannada). Therefore, the Government has a vision to take Tele-education to all the 45,000 schools under its wings, in the coming years.

    Mr. Rajkumar Khatri, Principal Secretary for Education

  • Author

    During the pilot run, we used a hybrid of satellite and internet technologies for providing LIVE tele-education and found it to be superior to all other alternatives. It is also cost efficient! Hybrid technology uses satellite bandwidth in the forward path, i.e., from studios to remote centers and internet bandwidth in the return path, i.e., from the centers back to the studios. We have also deployed a moderator system in the set-up for simultaneously clarifying doubts expressed by several students. Many subject matter experts assist in this process

    Prof Gopal Naik, Centre for Public Policy, IIM-B

  • Author

    Our Mission since 1999 has been to transform the lives of children living in urban poverty through better health and education. Satellite and Advanced Multimedia Education has the potential to provide quality learning to a large number of students including the urban poor. Besides, it is also scalable to work across much wider geographies.

    Debasish Mitter, Country Director, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

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